Celestron EclipSmart 10x25 Solar Viewing Binoculars

If you’re looking to step up your solar eclipse game, take into consideration getting a set of binoculars. Keep in mind, that you can’t just buy any set of binoculars. They have to be manufactured with a solar filter to protect you from going blind. These Celestron binoculars are especially made for just that.

The lenses are made to look at the sun and viewing the solar disk, i.e. the sun in its circular entirety. Depending on the day, you may even be able to see sunspots!

Two things to keep in mind. The 10 and 25 in the title have different meanings. The 10 refers to the binocular’s magnification level. In this case, these binoculars have 10x magnication. Said differently, if you compared the binocular’s image to the naked eye’s image, these binoculars let you see objects 10 times closer. The easiest way to remember this is the number that precedes the X is the magnification level, i.e. 10x magnification.

The 25 refers to the diameter of the objective lenses. These are the lenses opposite of the eyepieces. They’re measured in millimeters. Many people will tell you that it refers to the field of view, but that’s incorrect. Don’t be fooled! All this number tells you is how much light is let into the binoculars.

Overall, these are decently priced binoculars, with the appropriate zoom, size, and solar-protections to enhance your eclipse viewing experience.

Product Specifications:

  1. Premium EclipSmart Solar Binoculars featuring Solar Safe filter technology for guaranteed safe observation of the Sun
  2. Dual lens non-removable glass solar filters fully meet ISO12312-2 – Safe viewing of the sun when used in accordance with the included instructions
  3. The generous field of view allows users the ability to easily locate and view the entire solar disk while observing
  4. Observe the natural details of the Sun, including daily sunspot activity
  5. Durable and rugged for protection during use and storage provided by the rubber armored aluminum body
  6. Color: Black
  7. Item Dimensions: 2.7 x 3.7 x 5.7 inches
  8. Item Weight: 0.72 pounds
  9. Magnification Maximum: 10x
  10. Shipping Weight: 0.75 pounds
  11. UNSPSC Code: 41111717


Making Solar Eclipse Experiences Perfect

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