Beer Belt/Holster

Like we’ve mentioned before, solar eclipses don’t last very long. We’re talking minutes here. You ain’t got time to run to the cooler for more brewskies. Have ’em ready, at your side, at the flip of a light switch.

With this beverage belt by EZ Drinker, you can store 6 of your favorite beers, your kids’, or your wife’s favorite drinks, But, let’s be honest. When the apocalypse is at your door step, you’re not gonna be packing diet Dr. Pepper. You’re downing the only thing that will soften the edge of a fiery end.

The tactical strap allows it to fit pretty any waist size, and it comes in camo. So, it makes your waistline and the drinks you’re chugging invisible, for some strange reason.

Product Details:

  1. Manufactured by EZ Drinker and features a 1 year warranty for any damage or defects.
  2. Holds 6 Beverages
  3. Soft Material with Camouflage Design


Making Solar Eclipse Experiences Perfect

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