Solar Eclipse (Card) Viewer

If you’re going for the more minimalist route, this is choice for you. About the size of your hand, these cards have same solar viewing materials as the glasses.

The actual viewing area is a slot in the card that is 4 inches wide by 1 inch in height. The backside contains printed safety information in English. When you view that burning devil in the sky, it’ll turn it’s blinding white light into a lovely orange image.

Now, before you go thinking, “Hey, I could use this over my binoculars or a telescope!”, just don’t. Although, these babies are made in the wonderful US of A and are CE and ISO certified, using them in such a manner is not recommended.

Product Specifications

  1. All of our solar viewing materials are optical density 5 or greater and are “CE” certified which meets the transmission requirements of scale 12-16 of EN 169/1992.
  2. Lenses are made of our exclusive scratch resistant optical density 5, “Black Polymer” material. Eclipse Shades filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light.
  3. Pack of 5, hand held cards in black.
  4. Aperture size approximately 4″ x 1″.
  5. Each card meaures 3″ x 5″.




Making Solar Eclipse Experiences Perfect

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