Solar Eclipse Sunglasses

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: Yea. These sunglasses look lame.

And, yes, everything that comes out of museum gift shops look like crap. I don’t get it either. I guess they have some rookie designer or post-doc with Photoshop looking to make a quick buck.

But, here’s the thing, you’re already a nerd for being on this site. We’re all trying to enjoy this celestial event in the most spectacular, totally-cool way.  So, if there’s one thing that you gotta buy from this site, this is it. Quit jerkin’ around and get this 5 pack for your family. Get a couple 5 packs! Who knows? Maybe you lose them. Maybe you give some away on the big day to a bunch of strangers. You’ll make their day. Point is–this is required solar eclipse accoutrement.

FYI, this is totally safe for direct solar viewing of solar eclipses, sun spots and other solar phenomenon. If you’re here because you need shades for the August 21st, 2017 total solar eclipse, get these babies. Lenses are made of exclusive scratch resistant optical density 5, Black Polymer” material.

All solar viewing materials are optical density 5 or greater and are CE certified which meets the transmission requirements of scale 12-16 of EN 169/1992. These sunglasses filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light. These premium filters create a sharper ORANGE colored image of the sun. For those that forget how to put on sunglasses, the backside is printed with instructions and safety information. Phew.

Product Details:

  1. Pack Of 5 Eclipse Viewer Glasses
  2. CE Certified for viewing Solar Eclipse
  3. Filter out 100% Harmful Ultra-Violet rays
  4. Filter out 100% Harmful Infrared Rays
  5. Filter out 99.99% Intense Visible Light
  6. While worn, these will destroy all chances you have in asking that chick out.
  7. However, +2 to intelligence, so there’s that.


Making Solar Eclipse Experiences Perfect

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